Body Acne


Just like your face, your body can also be prone to breakouts. Chances are, if you experience facial acne and breakouts, you probably have had to deal with breakouts on other body parts. Acne can pop up almost anywhere on your body, but tends to be heavier on your neck, chest, shoulders and back because there’s a large density of oil-producing glands, as well as your pores are larger on your body, so it increases the chance of dirt and free radicals getting trapped. Body acne has the same causes as facial acne; bacteria, over active oil glands and a build up of dead skin cells.

Here’s some tips and tricks to help you deal with those breakouts.

  • When washing and conditioning your hair, the residue that is rinsed out runs down your body and can cause blocked pores. So when washing your hair, make sure that you cleanse your body afterwards, and use a clean body brush to clean hard to reach spots.

  • Use cleansing products that contain salicylic acid (helps to unblock pores), glycolic acid (disolves dead skin cells) and lactic acid (smooths skin). Again using a body/back brush to help reach every spot.

  • Remember to moisturize. We know it sounds like it would be counter productive to add moisture to already oily skin. However, if you dont keep your skin moisturized, your body will produce more sebum (oil) to stay hydrated. Use a light moisturizer that is meant to keep oil in check.

  • Wearing sweaty, clingy clothing is a no-no. When you sweat in your clothes (like when working out) your clothing will trap bacteria and sweat on the skin, which can cause clogged pores. Make sure that you wear loose fitting clothing while participating in sweat-producing activities, and remember to take the clothing off as soon as you get home. Having a shower after sweating will help to cleanse the bacteria off your skin right away as well.

  • Making sure all your shower accessories are clean and replaced on a regular basis. Wash your towel often, and replace your loofahs and brushes every month.

  • Spot treatments aren’t just for your face. The same spot treatments and masks you use on your face can and should be used on your chest or back in the same consistency as your face. Regular use of these products help with prevention of future breakouts.

  • Schedule a back facial. The products used in salon treatments are stronger and penetrate deeper in to the skin, as well as offer extractions. Its a great way to get all those spots you cant reach at home.

We recommend using Eminence Organic Skin Care to treat your facial or body acne. If you’re unsure what products you should be using, stop by and ask one of our staff!