Haircut for Faceshape

How to determine your face shape

In order to decide the perfect hair cut for yourself, you must first figure out what your face shape is. The most common mistake people make when trying to figure out their face shape is thinking that their face is just round. When looking in the mirror, you should look at your jaw line, hair line and width and length of your face.

The easiest way to find your face shape is to pull your hair back, look in the mirror and use an eye liner pencil to trace around your face. Your face shape will fall in to one of the following categories.

OVAL : *length of face is longer than width

*jawline and forehead are rounded

*cheekbones are widest part of face

EX. Bella Hadid

SQUARE: *strong, angled jawline

*forehead, cheekbone and jaw are all the same width

*sharper angles

EX. Hailey Baldwin

ROUND : *width and length are the same

*forehead and jawline are same width

*chin is rounded

EX. Selena Gomez

HEART: *hairline is the widest part of the face

*prominent cheekbones

*narrow chin

EX. Reese Witherspoon

LONG: *similar to oval

*longer chin and forehead

*narrower cheek bones

EX. Sarah Jessica Parker

DIAMOND: *cheekbones are the widest part of the face

*forehead and jawline are the same width

*narrow hairline

EX. Vanessa Hudgens

Once you’ve discovered which face shape you have, you’ll have an easier time deciding which hair style will suite you best.

OVAL :*Blunt bob above the shoulders

*side swept bangs

*shoulder length cut with soft layers

*long natural curls

SQUARE: *soft, wispy side bangs

*middle part with longer bangs

*long hair with layering

*above shoulder bob with curls

ROUND: *pixie cut with texture

*textured lob with inversion

*deep side part

*long, straight and sleek

*middle part with soft waves

HEART: *chin length bob

*layers that start above collar bone

*deep side part

*textured, shoulder length shag

LONG: *chin length bob with blunt bangs


*pixie with deep side bangs

*long layers with texture straight bangs

DIAMOND: *textured bob

*wispy pixie

*long textured layers with point cut soft ends

*longer layered shag

*softness around jaw line

Once you’ve found your face shape and the cut you think you’d like best, pick a few pictures that you think look like the cut you want and take them with you to your stylist.