Heat Protection

When you’re working with heat, it is imperative to have something on your hair to protect it. Our heat tools work around the same temperature as what you cook a turkey at. You would never put your hand in the oven without a mitt on to keep your hands safe, and it’s the same idea here. When you put heat on your hair, you burn away part of your cuticle which has a multitude of side effects.

  • Your hair will begin to feel dry and brittle, and if enough heat damage is done, you will actually burn away your colour pigment. If you’ve ever seen white dots at the ends of your hair, this means you have burned away the pigment and your ends will not be repairable

  • If you have coloured hair, heat is the fastest way to fade your colour. Heat naturally opens your cuticle which will result in quick and noticeable fading.

  • If you’re trying to retain length, heat protection will be your best friend. When your ends start to split, they will continue to split up the hair shaft if they are not cut off. When you want to keep your long hair, burning the ends of your hair will result in a majority of your length being unhealthy.

Although everyone needs heat protection, there are different options depending on your hair type, and what kind of heat tools you use.

For Blowdrying;

  • Fine hair- a light weight spray is ideal. Something that has the protection that you need, and also something that can help to strengthen your hair at the same time. Ex Redken Pillow Proof Primer Spray

  • Thick hair- a cream base product will help to give you some extra control over your hair, as well as reduce frizz. Ex Redken Pillow Proof Primer Cream

  • Dry/Damaged hair- Use a leave in treatment before applying heat protection. The treatment will help to infuse your hair with whatever it is lacking, and the heat protection will lock it in.

Flat Ironing;

  • Fine Hair- Again, for fine hair you want to stick to something lightweight. You just need a light mist of protection that you can brush through your hair to help dispurse it. Ex Redken Fabricate 03

  • Thick/ Curly Hair- A product with a bit more hold will be your best bet. You want a product that will again help give you more control as well as keep your hair straight for the entire day. You don’t need to douse your hair with the product, but do make sure that you apply the product evenly throughout your hair, otherwise you will find that your hair will still have kinks in it. EX Redken Iron Shape 11


  • Fine Hair- When you’re curling fine hair, you need a product with a higher hold and more control. Often times, fine hair has a difficulty holding a curl throughout the day, so a heavier hold is imperative. Again, making sure you evenly apply the product throughout each piece of hair. EX. Redken Hot Sets 22

A hot tip when curling is to “set the curl”. This means once you have curled a piece of hair, pin said hair in the shape of the curl to your head so that as it cools, it will be more defined. Once you let the piece of hair down, hit it with hairspray before brushing the curl.

  • Curly Hair- If you have curly hair and you’re wanting to define the curl more, you actually only need a lightweight hold. As your hair naturally wants to be curly, it will take the curling iron curl easy. EX. Redken Fabricate 03

  • Thick hair; depending on how easy your hair curls and maintains the curls throughout the day will dictate what type of hold you need in your protection. If your hair holds curl easily, then Fabricate 03 would be enough. If your hair tends to drop curls easily, the Redken Hot Sets 22 would be your best bet.


Just remember,

  • No matter what type of product you’re using, do not apply so much product that your hair is steaming. 1 to 2 spritz’ of product on each piece of hair, brushed through, is enough. This will make your product last as long as possible.

  • Do not take a section of hair larger than the hot tool you are using, meaning do not try and straighten a section of hair larger than the width of your flat iron plates, and do not try to curl a piece of hair thicker than your curling iron barrel. Smaller sections of hair will allow the heat to penetrate easier.

  • If you’re having a hard time straightening your hair, slow down when you’re pulling the flat iron down. It is better to go over the section of hair once slowly than to go over it 3 or 4 times quickly.

  • When you are curling your hair, start by putting the curling iron in the middle of your hair shaft, as you turn the iron slowly feed more of your ends in to the iron. This will distribute the heat more evenly through your hair, and you can rest your finger on the top of the hair in the iron. Once your finger starts to get hot, then its time to release your hair from the iron. Setting your curl at this step will allow your hair to cool in a more defined position.

  • There are also products, such as Fabricate 03, that are able to be used for all types of heat styling. Depending on your hair type, you may be able to use the same heat styler for every hot tool you have.

We always recommend asking a stylist to recommend what would work best on your hair.

Good Luck and Happy Styling.