From Dark to Light

So you’re ready to go start going lighter but aren't sure where to start? Here's a few tips on how to get that bombshell blonde. 


When you’re going from a dark brown or black to a lighter colour, keeping the integrity of your hair is the most important thing. Theres no point in going blonde if you have to cut it all off at the end. The reason your hair goes through this damage is because when youre lifting the colour out of the hair, it also takes some of the protein and moisture that composes 70%-85% of your hair structure. There is no way to lift colour out of your hair without this happening. However, you can take some steps to limit this as much as possible.


Step 1- Manage your expectations: Its important to ground yourself in what your hair is realistically able to do. Depending on the darkness and health of your hair when you’re starting out, generally it will take 2-5 blonding sessions before you're able to get to your goal. The reason being that your hair will only be able to lighten so much before your hair will start to break. You will also have to go through the warmer levels of blonde before getting to the lighter levels. Your stylist can manage the warmth at these levels, but understand that you will have to experience them. 

Step 2- Bring a picture: Its easiest for your stylist to understand exactly what you're wanting if they have something to compare it to. You can also bring in pictures of what you’d be happy with for the in between stages. 

Step 3- Have a Plan: Making sure that you and your stylist have a plan as to how you're going to get to where you want is super important. Have you stylist explain the steps they will take as well as what your hair will look like in between. It will be less scary if you know ahead of time what is realistic.

Step 4- Treatments, Treatments, Treatments: Have your stylist do in-salon deep conditioning treatments as well as use salon quality take home products to continue rebuilding your hair in between services. Your stylist should start the blonding process every appointment by doing a pre-treatment. The point of this is if they load the hair up with protein, the lightner will eat through that protein before your natural protein. This is a great way to offset damage. Also, finishing the process with a mask will help to close the cuticle and infuse your hair with extra protein and moisture. These masks are something you can do at home once a week, so you will be preparing your hair for the next appointment. Ask your stylist if there is any other products they would recommend you use at home as well.

Step 5- Take Before and After pictures: If you have pictures that you can look back on to see how far your hair has come, it will make it easier to not get stressed out while you're in the in between stages.

Step 6- Be prepared for the cost and time- This is not a cheap process for several reasons. The amount of product involved is expensive and each service will take no less than 3-4 hours. In order to do a good job, your stylist will have continuing education as well. The more education, the more the stylist charges for their time. However, in order to take you through this process, its important that you find a stylist who knows what they're doing.

We hope these steps prepare you for your journey of becoming a bombshell blonde.

Happy Blonding!