meet kelly, 

owner of the loft salon, spa & Beauty Bar

She started doing hair as young as 5 when she got her first Cabbage Patch doll. She would watch her mom french braid her sister’s hair and then copy her work on her doll. Her passion for hair only grew from there. She spent many years working in salons until the impact of working with chemicals affected her hands so badly that she had to take a leave from the work. During that time, she learned how chemicals used in the industry not only affect our bodies but also the environment around us. She began to see that there was another way to combine her love of the salon profession with a gentler, kinder way to do business. One that helps create a greener world.

That’s how the Loft was born. 

It goes without saying that we aren’t just putting a new spin on an existing idea – we’re focusing on what makes us passionate.  What makes us feel good about being here.  We’re all connected. We are all one in this world.  Shaped by nature. We’re welcoming you to feel it too.